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  • DePaul Book Club: Bee Bim Bop
    Posted on November 22, 2016 by Rachel Mende

    61c9qpuv7l-_sx258_bo1204203200_This story is told from a child’s point of view and uses lots of rhyme and repetition. Bee-bim bop is a popular (and delicious) Korean dish. Bop is the Korean word for “rice” and bee-bim means “mixed-up. So, bee-bim bop is “mixed-up rice”!

    The girl in the story can’t wait to eat her favorite meal. You can feel her excitement through the text such as “Hurry, flurry, rice. Gotta pop, pop, pop! Hungry, hungry, hungry for some bee-bim bop!”. Author Linda Sue Park uses a bouncy beat throughout the story while describing shopping, cooking and finally eating the bee-bim bop. There are lots of fun sounds and words to say and repeat with your child as you read the story. The author provides a recipe at the end of the book just in case you and your child become “hungry, hungry, hungry for some bee-bim bop”!