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  • DePaul Book Club: Quick as a Cricket
    Posted on July 27, 2016 by Rachel Mende

    imgresOne of my all-time favorites is Quick as a Cricket, written by Audrey Wood and illustrated by Don Wood.  The illustrations are beautiful and show the many different characteristics of a happy little boy.  He’s as “loud as a lion” and “quiet as a clam”.  This is a wonderful story for learning about comparisons and adjectives.  Don Wood shows him being strong with an ox and very small with an ant.  The rhyming is clear and very predictable.  After a few readings, try leaving off the last word of each line and let your child fill it in.

    This book also celebrates the many qualities of a child.  A child can be brave one minute and very shy the next.  Talk to your child about the different feelings in the book and see if they share any of the same feelings.  The final message is “put them all together and you’ve got me”!  What a great way to let your child know that it is ok to have contradictory feelings and you will still be loved!