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  • Dorseyville Gaming Day
    Posted on November 28, 2016 by Sara Baines-Miller

    Students from the Dorseyville Middle School student council traveled to DePaul School for Hearing and Speech for a day of games and fun!

    Every year, Dorseyville Middle School’s student council selects an outreach project for the community. This year, DePaul School was lucky enough to be chosen for a gaming day!

    Ameya, whose mom works at DePaul School as a physical therapist, is serving his first term on the Dorseyville Middle School’s Student Council and recommended DePaul School as this year’s project. All of the Dorseyville students were very excited to learn more about DePaul School and spend a day playing games!

    The students arrived and split into different classrooms with all kinds of games in hand. Some of the favorite games included “Sorry” and “War.” Students from both schools had a lot of fun not only playing the games but also learning more about each other. A lot of new friendships were created and the students from Dorseyville had so much fun that they are planning on visiting again in the spring for a field day with their new DePaul School friends!