Quote #2: “Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do, except hear.” - Irving King Jordan

DePaul School Parent Group

Welcome to the DePaul Parent Group!

DePaul School ParentsWe are an organization of parents and grandparents who team together to support our students, teachers and the School. The DePaul Parent Group hosts several family activities and fundraising events annually. Proceeds from our fundraising events benefit the Students Activities Fund which provides funding for classroom materials and equipment, field trips and parent education programs. A few of our activities and events include:

Tambellini’s Gourmet Foods Fundraiser: This fundraiser occurs in the fall and helps us to raise approximately $1,200 for the Student Activities Fund.

The Salvation Army’s Treasures for Children: We believe in giving back to the community. During the holiday season, DePaul families come together to participate in a toy drive for the Salvation Army.

Scholastic Book Fair: A Book Fair is hosted in the Spring each year. This provides a great opportunity to our students to make choices about their reading material. Funds raised help to provide teachers with books to stock their classrooms!

A Night at the Races: This event takes place in the spring and is the Parent Group’s largest annual fundraiser raising over $9,000 for the Student Activities Fund. Over 200 DePaul families, friends and alumni show up for a night of electronic horse racing.

Staff Appreciation Week: Our teachers and staff mean a lot to us! Each year the Parent Group hosts a week-long appreciation event to show our thanks for all they do to help our children learn and grow!

Birthday Books: We want to encourage our students to read and help strengthen their literacy skills. Every child receives a book from the Parent Group on his or her birthday.

Rewards ProgramsDid you know that you can help the Parent Group raise funds for DePaul School while you do your regular shopping? DePaul School participates in the following rewards programs: Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s Labels for Education, MyCoke Rewards, Giant Eagle Apples for the Students, AmazonSmile, Target’s Take Charge of Education and Shoparoo. To learn more these programs and how you can enroll for FREE, click here!

Why should you join the DePaul Parent Group?

•There are a variety of ways you can participate. Choose to volunteer for an event or activity that coincides with your interests and strengths.
•We know life is busy! You can volunteer your time by helping with a project on site or at home!
•Just a few hours of your time will help us make our events more successful.
•Support our children, teachers and school while building relationships with other DePaul Families!

 Click here for more information on the structure for the DePaul School Parent Group. Interested in playing a role? Please fill out this year’s participant form by clicking here! DePaul School Parent and Student

Tip #1: Singing provides a good sense of rhythm, and the tone helps children with hearing loss recognize the melody in speech.