Tip #4: Deaf and hard of hearing children who receive early intervention services have been found to have better language outcomes up to age five.

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Thanks to generous donors, DePaul has been able to educate children who are deaf or hard of hearing for over 100 years. Children at DePaul benefit from the intensive Listening and Spoken Language education they receive at the School thanks, in part, to our donors. Your donations support DePaul’s early-intervention programs that teach our students to speak at comparable levels with their peers as early as first grade.


Your donation to the DePaul School helps children like Hannah, a second grader with profound hearing loss who enrolled at DePaul in kindergarten. After Hannah’s cochlear implant surgery at age four and only eight months of auditory-verbal therapy, her therapist advised Hannah’s family to seek a sign language education program instead. Determined to find a school that would teach Hannah to listen and speak, the family moved from Virginia to Pittsburgh to attend DePaul. After just two years at DePaul, Hannah is able to engage in conversations with family and friends, order her own food at restaurants, read independently, and participate in activities with her neighborhood peers like Girl Scouts.

We also invite you to visit DePaul School and meet the students who are directly impacted by your generosity. The students love when visitors come to the school and they are always excited to sing them a song or to talk about what they are learning in school. To schedule your tour, please contact the Development Office at 412-924-1012 or depaulschool@depaulhearingandspeech.org.

Tip #3: Kids do not learn language from watching TV; they learn by interacting with people.