Tip #1: Singing provides a good sense of rhythm, and the tone helps children with hearing loss recognize the melody in speech.

DePaul Spring Bash: 80's Night

Break out the fanny packs and acid wash jeans
because we’re going back to the 80’s!


We’re ready to party like it’s, like, 1989 and we want you to totally be there!


Take a chill pill and join us on Friday, April 27, and relive the best decade ever! Tickets are only $25 and include drinks and light appetizers.

This 21+ Spring Bash will kick off at 6:30pm at the Pittsburgh Opera in the Strip with loads of gnarly 80’s music so you can have the time of your life! And we will wrap up by 9:30 so you’re well rested for Saturday Morning Detention with the Breakfast Club!

Proceeds from the event benefit DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, where children who are deaf or hard of hearing are taught to listen and speak. THAT’S TOTALLY RADICAL!




Get your tickets here!

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