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Wine n' Wigs

DePaul School Wine n' WIgsOn March 27, the DePaul School Young Professionals committee (DSYP) hosted the inaugural Wine n’ Wigs event. With over 120 young professionals in attendance, the lounge at Savoy in the Strip District was packed to the brim with an array of colorful wigs. Attendees also enjoyed great food, a mystery wine auction and the opportunity to walk away as the winner of the best wig contest!

Many thanks to Pittsburgh Prestige Photo Booths for the fabulous photos you captured throughout the evening!

The DSYP was established in 2014 by enthusiastic young adult professionals who volunteer their time, talents and energy to support DePaul School. New members are always welcome! For more information about the DSYP, please contact Sara Baines-Miller at 412.924.1012 or sbm@depaulhearingandspeech.org.

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