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  • Hope the Therapy Dog
    Posted on November 28, 2016 by Sara Baines-Miller

    Our friends from the South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort stopped by DePaul School to teach our preschoolers some very important information about dogs! If you see a dog and want to pet it, make sure to ask the owner first! If the owner says it is ok to touch the dog, put your hand out first and let the dog sniff your hand. This way, the dog will get used to your smell and won’t be as scared. Once the dog has sniffed your hand, you can now pet the dog very nicely along his or her back. If the dog gets excited, just stand still and let it smell you again!

    The preschoolers were able to practice on Hope, one of the South Hills Pet Rescue therapy dogs. Hope was so excited to meet all of our students and all of our students were excited to meet Hope!