Tip #4: Deaf and hard of hearing children who receive early intervention services have been found to have better language outcomes up to age five.

For Infants

DePaul InfantDePaul offers a range of services for families and caregivers to discover how to enrich their baby’s life with meaningful sound and spoken language through listening. Families of infants and young toddlers with hearing loss are encouraged to tour DePaul and interact with our students, staff and families. At that time, families share their goals and concerns for their child with our audiologists, therapists and teachers. Together, we develop an individualized plan of services to best meet the needs of the family and their child.

Our program offers Auditory-Verbal Therapy sessions to young children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families at DePaul as well as remotely through teletherapy. Certified and licensed Speech Therapists use this parent-centered approach that focuses on naturally developing spoken language through listening, talking and playing. Family members and caregivers are active members in the therapy process which includes them learning how to be their child’s mentor and advocate.

Our monthly support group provides families with opportunities to discuss their concerns and challenges and help each other reach solutions. Often times, just knowing that other parents face similar situations, hopes and fears can bring comfort and support. For families of infants who are deaf or hard of hearing, talking with parents who are farther along in their journey can be very uplifting. These sessions are facilitated by our School Psychologist, Karen Shrecengost. Families are also able to connect with other DePaul professionals to gather resources and information that equips them to make decisions about their child’s education and future.

DePaul School Toddler

Quote #2: “Deaf people can do anything hearing people can do, except hear.” - Irving King Jordan