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Services in the Audiology Department at DePaul School include:

• Pediatric Hearing Evaluations
• Immittance Testing
• Hearing Aid Programming
• Hearing Aid Repair
• Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluations
• Cochlear Implant Play Preparation Program
• Cochlear Implant MAPping
• Cochlear Implant Repair
• FM System Programming (classroom and personal)
• FM System Repair (classroom and personal)
• Functional Listening Evaluations (FLE)
• Teletherapy
• Speech-in-Noise Therapy
• Self-Advocacy Program
• Custom earmolds, swim molds, ear plugs, and iPod molds

In addition, we also offer several products for sale.

Assistive Listening Device Sales:

• FM Systems (classroom and personal)
• Soundfield Systems (classroom and personal)
• Amplified phones
• Smoke detectors
• Visual Alarms

DePaul School Audiology MAPping

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