Tip #4: Deaf and hard of hearing children who receive early intervention services have been found to have better language outcomes up to age five.


Services in the Audiology Department at DePaul School include:

• Pediatric Hearing Evaluations
• Immittance Testing
• Hearing Aid Programming
• Hearing Aid Repair
• Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluations
• Cochlear Implant Play Preparation Program
• Cochlear Implant MAPping
• Cochlear Implant Repair
• FM System Programming (classroom and personal)
• FM System Repair (classroom and personal)
• Functional Listening Evaluations (FLE)
• Teletherapy
• Speech-in-Noise Therapy
• Self-Advocacy Program
• Custom earmolds, swim molds, ear plugs, and iPod molds

In addition, we also offer several products for sale.

Assistive Listening Device Sales:

• FM Systems (classroom and personal)
• Soundfield Systems (classroom and personal)
• Amplified phones
• Smoke detectors
• Visual Alarms

DePaul School Audiology MAPping

Tip #3: Kids do not learn language from watching TV; they learn by interacting with people.