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Teletherapy is ideal for families who are interested in a Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) approach for their child who is deaf or hard of hearing and live more than 50 miles away from DePaul School and/or have difficulty commuting to the School’s Shadyside campus.

Teletherapy refers to conducting speech therapy and/or Listening and Spoken Language sessions via the internet using VISYTER, an encrypted HIPPA-compliant platform developed by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Rehabilitation Sciences. Teletherapy enables families to receive these services in the comfort of their own home, saving commuting time and costs.

For a limited time, through collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh to study the benefits of providing Listening and Spoken Language therapy to children via teletherapy, DePaul School is able to offer teletherapy services free of charge.

DePaul School Teletherapy


Tip #1: Singing provides a good sense of rhythm, and the tone helps children with hearing loss recognize the melody in speech.