Tip #1: Singing provides a good sense of rhythm, and the tone helps children with hearing loss recognize the melody in speech.


DePaul School PreschoolYoung children who are deaf or hard of hearing attend DePaul’s Preschool Program’s full-day classes, five days per week. The program is free of charge to all state-approved students, ages 3-5. DePaul’s Preschool utilizes the Cottage Acquisition Scales for Listening, Language and Speech (CASLLS) to identify each student’s needs in Listening and Spoken Language skill acquisition and to develop goals that drive the intensive learning opportunities provided by highly qualified DePaul staff.

We place children in class sizes of two or three based on their chronological age and language levels in order to give them ample opportunity to practice listening and speaking.  Teachers of the Deaf design stimulating classroom activities to develop children’s listening, speech, language and pre-literacy skills.

Children go to larger group learning settings in the Early Childhood Discovery Room for circle and center based play and music class. These settings allow students to practice their listening and spoken language skills while developing the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative skills that will be needed in a mainstream setting. Each student receives a minimum of three individual 30-minute speech therapy sessions per week provided by a Speech Language Pathologist trained in Listening and Spoken Language.

Family members are valued members of their child’s team and receive guidance and instruction on how to be their child’s mentor and advocate through one-on-one sessions with a  Teacher of the Deaf, educational parent workshops, parent support groups and audiology services.

DePaul School Preschool

Typical Day

8:15 am        Arrival and equipment check

8:30 am        Auditory and Vocabulary Development in small group (2-3 students)

9:00 am        Music Class

9:30 am        Discovery Room – Circle time

10:00 am     Language Structure Development in small group

10:30 am     Individual Speech Therapy

11:00 am     Discovery Room – Center based Play

11:30 am     Recreation

12:00 pm     Lunch

12:30 pm     Read Aloud

1:00 pm        Language Experience in small group

1:30 pm        Pre-Math Class

2:00 pm        Pre-Literacy Class

2:30 pm        Snack

3:10 pm        Dismissal

Tip #2: Read to your child every day. Each time you read to your child, you are helping his/her brain to develop language fluency.