Tip #2: Read to your child every day. Each time you read to your child, you are helping his/her brain to develop language fluency.


_1126The mission of DePaul School for Hearing and Speech is to prepare their students to succeed in the academic and social mainstream with their peers with typical hearing. Because of early detection of a hearing loss, early access to sound through hearing aids and cochlear implants, and the availability of early intervention services, students are often ready to transition to other educational settings much earlier than before. The staff at DePaul are available to guide parents in their choices and support the student as they transition to their new schools.

The options available for educational placement include school district based classrooms and parochial, private or charter schools. Leaving DePaul School is an exciting time for a child and often a stressful time for the parents. The staff at DePaul School support the parents in making an educated choice based on their child’s academic and social skills and their child’s need for on-going support services.

Most of the students transitioning from DePaul School benefit from hearing, speech, and audiological services in their new schools, but at a less intensive level. The staff at DePaul School team with the parents and school district to ensure that a positive transition plan is in place that provides for a seamless transition with continuity of services. This transition plan includes observations by the receiving school staff at DePaul School, participation by DePaul staff in transition and IEP meetings and partial mainstreaming.

The staff at DePaul School is available as a resource to families and school districts after a student has transitioned to their new school. Our staff is available to provide professional development to general education teachers and participate in school district based IEP meetings. Because of the strong foundation students develop at DePaul School, strong family support and strong educational support from school districts and intermediate units, our students have a history of succeeding in the mainstream.

DePaul School Student in Mainstream

Tip #1: Singing provides a good sense of rhythm, and the tone helps children with hearing loss recognize the melody in speech.