Meet Peyton

“DePaul School has opened up Peyton’s world and, in doing so, helped him blossom into an incredible person. The DePaul team helped our family navigate through the world of hearing loss. Their patience and knowledge gave us a sense of…read more >>

Emily at DePaul School
Meet Emily

“Since Emily was four months old, we have been attending DePaul’s Parent Support Groups. It is great to connect with other parents who are experiencing the same parenting challenges. DePaul plays an important role in her development and is an…read more >>

Meet Hannah

“DePaul has meant everything to our family. We are so grateful to have found an environment for Hannah that not only helps her every day to listen, learn and speak, but that also has teachers and staff that see her…read more >>

Morgun at DePaul School
Meet Morgun

“Morgun now has a tremendous confidence and voice. I really feel that is because he is here [at DePaul]. He has no idea that he has a hearing loss.” — Kristina, Morgun’s mother Morgun is four years old and started in…read more >>

Jared at DePaul School
Meet Jared

“DePaul has opened up a new world to our whole family. We can communicate with Jared— and him with us—in ways that we could not before. Knowing that he can get his thoughts and feelings across has given him a…read more >>

Kera at DePaul School
Meet Kera

Kera is seven years old. She started in DePaul’s Toddler-Parent Program and is currently in first grade. Kera has moderate hearing loss and uses hearing aids. Kera enjoys art class and wants to be a teacher when she grows up. At…read more >>

Meet Brandon and Nathan

“We wanted our boys to have the best chance at listening and speaking, so we chose DePaul School for Hearing and Speech. DePaul’s teachers and speech therapists teach our children to use their implants to listen to the world around…read more >>

Steven at DePaul School
Meet Steven

“DePaul has meant a lot to us because [the teachers and staff] have taught Steven to hear with his hearing aids and speak. We all love DePaul School and its teachers and staff!” –Denise, Steven’s mother Steven is 11 years…read more >>

Cristiana at DePaul School
Meet Cristiana

“DePaul has meant everything to us. It means a future for our daughter. From experience with my oldest child who also has hearing loss, I knew I had to get her the right education. We made the decision to leave…read more >>

Max at DePaul School
Meet Max

“We chose Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) for Max because we wanted him to have an easier time communicating with everyone around him. DePaul has changed Max’s life!” –Danielle, Max’s mother Max is four years old and attends DePaul School’s…read more >>