Meet Brandon and Nathan

Brandon and Nathan at DePaul School“We wanted our boys to have the best chance at listening and speaking, so we chose DePaul School for Hearing and Speech. DePaul’s teachers and speech therapists teach our children to use their implants to listen to the world around them and to use their own voices to speak. And our children do speak! We are extremely grateful that DePaul School has given our boys the gifts of listening and speech.” –Jennifer, Brandon and Nathan’s mother

Brandon and Nathan are three years old. After initially passing their newborn hearing screening, they were diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder and progressive hearing loss shortly after birth. Brandon and Nathan both use two cochlear implants to hear. They started in DePaul’s Toddler-Parent Program at 18 months old and are now in DePaul’s Preschool. Their older brother Daniel also uses two cochlear implants to help him hear. He attended DePaul School for five years and transitioned to his neighborhood school in first grade. Daniel is now in third grade.

Brandon and Nathan are energetic little boys who love music and dancing. They enjoy playing with their two older brothers and listening to them play musical instruments. “I no longer fear that my children won’t enjoy music,” says their mother Jennifer, “they hear music and they love it!”