Meet Cristiana


“DePaul has meant everything to us. It means a future for our daughter. From experience with my oldest child who also has hearing loss, I knew I had to get her the right education. We made the decision to leave Hawaii and move to Pittsburgh so Cristiana could attend DePaul School. Best decision we’ve made! Cristiana had no vocabulary before attending DePaul. We are amazed at how far she has come and all that she has accomplished.”  –Melissa, Cristiana’s mother

Cristiana is four years old and has severe hearing loss. She uses two hearing aids to help her hear. Cristiana was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth. She moved with her family from Hawaii to Pittsburgh and enrolled in DePaul’s Preschool Program last September.

Cristiana is very energetic and enjoys dancing, singing and performing. She loves to pretend play with her toys at home and can often be found in the dress-up center in DePaul’s Early Childhood Discovery Room playing with her classmate Juliette. Cristiana also loves talking to her grandparents in Hawaii via Skype.