Meet Emily

emilyprofile“Since Emily was four months old, we have been attending DePaul’s Parent Support Groups. It is great to connect with other parents who are experiencing the same parenting challenges. DePaul plays an important role in her development and is an integral part of a comprehensive plan we’ve employed to ensure that she can develop speech and attend the same mainstream school as her sister Maggie.” –Amy, Emily’s mother

Emily is three years old and has mild to moderate hearing loss. She uses two hearing aids to help her hear. Emily was diagnosed with hearing loss at four weeks old and enrolled in DePaul School’s Toddler-Parent Program at 18 months of age. Emily is now in Preschool.

Emily is a typical, girly, three-year-old and enjoys coloring, playing in her toy kitchen, feeding her baby dolls and dressing up. She wants to be a princess when she grows up. She loves going to school with Miss Amanda and Miss Maria and likes making books in class and reading them at home.