Meet Hannah

Hannah at DePaul School“DePaul has meant everything to our family. We are so grateful to have found an environment for Hannah that not only helps her every day to listen, learn and speak, but that also has teachers and staff that see her limitless potential for the future and will never give up on her or any other student.” –Sarah, Hannah’s mother

Hannah is eight years old and has profound hearing loss. She uses two cochlear implants to hear. Hannah started in DePaul’s Kindergarten at age six and is now in second grade. Her favorite school subjects are Math, Art and Reading.

Shortly after Hannah’s cochlear implant surgery at age four and after receiving Auditory-Verbal Therapy for only eight months, her therapist gave up on teaching Hannah to listen and speak and advised her family to seek a sign language education program. Her family was determined to find Hannah a school that could teach her to listen and speak. When they couldn’t find any Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) schools in their home state of Virginia, they decided to move to Pittsburgh so that Hannah could attend DePaul School.

“Within a few minutes of meeting Kindergarten teacher Mary Ellen Hall, Hannah opened up and started to try speaking and engaging with others,” says Sarah, Hannah’s mom. “I immediately knew DePaul would offer her the safe environment she needed and that her teachers and therapists wouldn’t give up on her.” After just two years at DePaul School, Hannah is able to engage in long conversations with family and friends, orders her own food at restaurants, reads independently and participates in many activities with her neighborhood peers, including dance classes and Girl Scouts.