Meet Max


“We chose Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) for Max because we wanted him to have an easier time communicating with everyone around him. DePaul has changed Max’s life!”
–Danielle, Max’s mother

Max is four years old and attends DePaul School’s Preschool Program. Max’s hearing loss was detected at birth. He has no hearing in his left ear and mild hearing loss in his right ear. He started at DePaul School at two years old and with the help of both his BAHA hearing device and DePaul School he was able to transform his communication skills.

Prior to attending school at DePaul, Max’s only form of communicating was pointing and grunting. However, by the end of his first year in the Preschool Program, he was able to put together three to four word sentences!

Max is a typical, happy and outgoing preschooler. He enjoys playing T-ball, board games and loves reading comic books with his dad. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he simply replied, “just Max.”