Meet Peyton

peyton“DePaul School has opened up Peyton’s world and, in doing so, helped him blossom into an incredible person. The DePaul team helped our family navigate through the world of hearing loss. Their patience and knowledge gave us a sense of security and a feeling that everything is going to be ok and, as a matter of fact, it’s going to be fantastic! Peyton being around other children with similar experiences has helped his confidence and allows him to feel comfortable in the outside world. We are so grateful to DePaul. We feel blessed to be able to attend and look forward to many more successful years.” –Susan, Peyton’s mother

Peyton is six years old and has moderate to severe hearing loss. He uses two hearing aids to help him hear. Peyton was diagnosed with hearing loss at three years old and enrolled in DePaul School’s Preschool Program at age four. Peyton is currently in Kindergarten.

Peyton enjoys riding bikes, playing with cars and playing with his brother and sister. He wants to be a fire fighter, or Ironman, when he grows up. Peyton loves Ms. Mary Ellen’s class and going to school at DePaul.