Tip #1: Singing provides a good sense of rhythm, and the tone helps children with hearing loss recognize the melody in speech.


At DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, we celebrate the success of each individual child with hearing loss as he or she transitions to and thrives in the hearing and speaking world.

At DePaul School, we teach children from birth to age 15 who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and speak without using sign language. Using cochlear implants and digital hearing aids to access sound, students receive Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) education, speech therapy and clinical audiology services that help maximize their potential to listen and speak. DePaul School is one of only 42 schools of its kind in the country and the only LSL school in the western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia tri-state area.

DePaul School offers a full continuum of programs and services, including a comprehensive curriculum aligned with state and federal standards. Children who participate in our Listening and Spoken Language programs receive intensive services that enable them to successfully develop speech and language skills. As a result, they can transition to their neighborhood elementary schools at much younger ages than deaf children who do not have the advantages of this type of education. More than 70% of the children who attend DePaul as toddlers and preschoolers are ready to transition to a mainstream classroom by first grade.

Tip #2: Read to your child every day. Each time you read to your child, you are helping his/her brain to develop language fluency.